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Creepy Tea Cups

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What is Carrion Creations?

3D Horror Art

Carrion Creations creates unique 3D art that you can’t find anywhere else.

It all started with 4 Corpse Paint Tea Cups (Which Buzzfeed ranked #2 of 20 Creepy Things You Can Find On Etsy.) being made for a friend as a gift. No two cups are exactly the same and each are individually numbered. Many of them now live all over the world in such places as Australia, France, Norway, and all over the USA.

Shortly after came the Ed Gein Embroidery which is all hand punched, stitched and mounted. Each piece takes anywhere from 16-34 hours to complete and are all completely different from one another.

Along with the monster finger hooks, coffin boxes and other odds and ends, you can see why George R. R. Martin calls Carrion Creations’ artwork “Fantastic and creepy”.

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